10 thoughts on “Artist Deals of the Month | Artist PRICES |

  1. Do you have any prices on other comedians other than the ones you have listed such as Cedric the ent. Mike epps?



  2. Hi I’m looking for this month hip hop artist booking info. One artist I’m looking for price for is hip hop artist blac youngsta. With CMG record label. For a show in the Philadelphia area.


  3. Plz forward your booking and price listing for artist…


  4. Hello I’m a promoter in Houston and I’m asking for a comedian, R&B and Hip-Hop full roster. Thank you so much and I’m looking forward to doin business with your company


  5. Greetings,

    We’re an entertainment company located in Minneapolis, MN inquiring about your Monthly Artist Deals List. Looking forward to hearing from you guys. Thank you!


  6. Hello im a promoter in san antonio texas.i want info for allisia cara and black youngsta


  7. can i have info more like a list of the artist deal of the month


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